Greeting and felicitations

You’ve found our new word-pressed creation

We’re not on blogger anymore

We found fresh layouts to adore

We’ve also gone and changed our name

Though much will dare remain the same

There’s still reviews and author news

Art updates and interviews

But with our new face, there’s much to do

We’ve also planned a contest (or two)

And quotes each week and what we’re reading

And more reviews than you’ve been seeing

Our title’s the maelstrom that most know the best

The companion of Scylla from the Odyssey’s quest

For once you’re pulled in to the greatest of books

There can be no escaping and no second looks

So leave us your thoughts, though it remains rather sparse

We welcome you to our still windy hearth

The Charybdis is eager to meet your desires

And feed the avid reader’s brightest of fires

For books you will read long into the night

And those that are not worth the candlelight

We hope to inform you and meet bookish hearts

This day will forever mark the start

Of an exciting beginning and worthwhile pursuits

We’ll try to be honest and tell you the truth

But most basic of all, through this glimmering new surface

We remain the Whirlwinds, at your most humble service.