I’m rather enjoying this all new atmosphere. I feel perpetually refreshed (other than the multiple late nights spending quality time with the Olympics). And as you may have read in the post above, I’ve been rather occupied with preparations to go see… Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (That was a drum roll- I couldn’t tell either).


Trinity College Library

Trinity College Library

So this will be my last review for quite some time. And I know that with Medeia holding down the ship (another horrible play on words), you won’t miss me at all. *shniff* Anyway, on to the review.

Archie’s grandfather’s last words were both severe and perhaps, prophetic. “Young Man, you are a saint.” How is he supposed to live up to a charge like that? But it seems as if it will all be much easier when the intriguing and beautiful Clare comes to town. She is the most saintly person Archie has ever met, and seems very much interested in the salvation of his eternal soul. But is Archie being blinded by his adoration for “Saint” Clare? Because it is beginning to seem like the enigmatic girl may have a more tainted past than she first let on to. And very rapidly she has pulled Archie into a maelstrom of religious fervor that might spell the end of them both (eternal souls or no).

This book was really quite amazing in many respects. It targeted the spiritual questions of life head on without being preachy or irritating. The characters had great depth and (as is usually the case with Han Nolan) the writing was amazzzzing. I could feel the plight of both Clare and Archie as I read through. And was very moved by them both.

To tell the truth though, When We Were Saints moved kind of slowly in the beginning. And the tense (through no fault of the author) could become tedious and frustrating. But if you’re willing to dig through that to the real core of the novel, then it will be well worth your time.

Umm… at the suggestion of Nicole in the comments from the last post… BWARUMPAZWOOM. That would be the sound of 5 out of 7 elephants attacking erm…themselves?

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