This is two depressing posts in a row now. But don’t worry. I’m reading a comedic book right now and the post will be up soon. On to business.

Dear Enna of Squeaky Books,

Today, September 5th, the posters of Charybdis would like to grovel at your blogging feet and beg for forgiveness. Although we agreed to participate in your amazing birthday contest, we messed up. Screwed up. Did horribly. Broke your trust. And to all the participants in this contest, we also want to extend an apology. It must have been a hassle to expect something to appear and not have it be so. If this was an inconvenience towards anyone we would like to bake you cookies. But we can’t. Because we can’t cook. But we send figmental cookies in your general direction. After WordPress was done being a dingbat, it was too late to save the situation. So once again. We ask. Will you forgive us?