My brothers loved heavy metal. I used to sit up in my bed until 2:00 in the morning, listening to barely coherent words and an unholy abusive sound of guitars stream through the floor over my head. I used to count down from 100 and see if the neighbors called within that time span. And when I was older, they passed on those midnight albums to me. This book made me feel compelled to go through them again and I was astonished by how many I had that were mentioned in the pages of Heavy Metal and You. But at the same time, I really wasn’t surprised at all. Anyway. We should probably move on from unwanted anecdotes of Aella’s life. Sorry ’bout that.

Sam is so head over heels for Melissa that he can barely see straight. The only thing he loves more than her is the sheer power and release of his metal music. And Melissa wants to know more about metal so she can connect with Sam. How perfect is that? Not very. Not when Melissa begins to poke a little more into that side of his life than she is welcome to. Not when she objects to his friends. Not when she’s more interested in his reformation than him. What is the answer to all of this chaos? Why, music of course.

I thought this book was okay-ish.  It has the hardcore and music edge of Nick and Norah‘s with some of the profanity and less of the awesome. Sam was a good narrator, funny and honest, with clear insight into the subculture of metal. Not for the faint of heart- descriptions of a dark underworld were very frank and in your face. Which was really very cool.

Unfortunately, I found that this was one of those books that actually supports stereotypes while trying to destroy them. Metalheads= violent, lost, frustrated, goth. Goth= all black, emo, lost, metalheads. It was prevalent enough to really affect how much I enjoyed the story, which was a sweet story of sacrifice and love, if a little over-used (boy meets girl. falls in love. girl meets friends. hates friend. boy freaks. fightage occurs). But if the stereotypes in fiction don’t bother you, then go for it. Not a bad book. Just irritating if you let things like that get to you. And, Ireallyreallysuperdidn’tlikeMelissa. There. It’s out.

4 out of 7 demented howling Slayer albums!

OMC! Lyk, Black Sabbath!,