Have you ever read one of those realistic fictions that are just so good and heart warming that you have to read them again? This one qualifies! One million times over! Plus, the author pretty much rocks our world. I waited far too long to do this review.

Sugar Magnolia Dempsey (yes. that is her real name) is sick of moving. She’s been all over the country, from communes to temples, and the latest shift was the hardest of all. How will she survive without her soul mate Trevor and the fabulous friends that she made in Portland? The pain of the separation only works to harden her resolve. It’s a new day. A new town. In Austin, Texas she will become the lowest of the low. The bottom of the social food chain. The untouchable of geekdom. And all on purpose.

  • Stage 1- find a fellow untouchable to hang with.
  • Stage 2- dress like one escaped from a sanitarium.
  • Stage 3- demolish the social classes altogether.
  • Stage 4- become cool. Wait! That wasn’t in the plan!

But once some things are set in motion than they can become bigger than the person who started them. And Maggie’s forced oddness is only the beginning of love, life, and aerobic swimming (EEK) that will challenge everything she based her decision on to begin with.

This is a really really wonderful book. I love the characters down to the very last one. Jennifer Ziegler creates a protagonist that is supremely easy to relate to, and writes teen hierarchy as it is. All through, it is funny and refreshing. This author has created something bookshelfshakingly real. The antics of Maggie on her quest for loserdom are brilliant and super fun to read (even for the second time
fantastic through). I am almost tempted to show up to school tomorrow in a jumpsuit or kimono. Oh, the stir that would cause.

6.7  out of 7 floral and feathered swimming caps! Highly highly recommended!

Plotting something properly ladder popping,

Aella Siofra