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…but the Charybdis looked at me forlornly (as much as a blog can look forlorn), and I just couldn’t resist. I have honestly read a million books, but whenever I try to do that massive review post something inevitably interrupts me. I think it’s one of those unwritten laws…like the one where you finally run out of patience and buy the book that you’ve been waiting for the library to get for AGES and the next week (as you are waiting nail-bitingly for the shipment to come) the book appears on the shelf.

So this isn’t the huge post that I’ve been promising, but instead a review of a book that we got over the summer and never got around to reviewing. Basically, there’s this girl, Shelby, who’s part of the “Queen Geek Society” with her friends, who are all geeks evidently. One has a crazy tattoo (apparently that makes you a geek now), an “artful goth poetess”, a math-lete, and a computer nerd from Australia. They’re getting together to host an alterna-prom (Which is a cool idea IF it’s all clandestine and secret-like) BUT *cue dramatic music* the non-geeks at school don’t like that the “Geek Prom” is actually competing with the real prom in popularity. O M G.

For starters: really. Can you say stereotype?I know I can. And I did. Frequently. Secondly: really. Can you say cliche? The book is a mix of “omgsupergeekpromawesome! lykomgmyboyfriendwantsmetogototherealpromwhatdoido? waitthere’sanewgirlwho’sgonnareplacemeWHAT? andIhazarobotmaidcuzmydadsamadscientistguy”. It then proceeds to degenerate into the old “I have to be in two places at once”. Like we’ve never read/seen/heard that one before. Prom Queen Geeks, I award thee with 3 neon green Converses out of 7.