It all started with the unassuming just-another-book-blog Book Sweep (this blog has been destroyed to spare your eyes the foolishness of the color scheme). It was written by the elusive Aelwyd Emrys, but only survived a few months before Aelwyd passed it on to her friend Aella Siofra. Aella could tell that Book Sweep needed a great deal of help. Unfortunately, having the art skills of a sack of boiled lobsters and being completely undecided on the title and theme of the new and improved Book Sweep, Aella hit a large road block.

Her salvation came in the form of one of her best friends. Medeia Senka had been only vaguely aware of her friend’s distress, until the day that Aella practically had to fall on her knees to show her the extent of the damage. And thus, she joined the crew (a two-person crew, nonetheless). With her expertise and their combined love of books (plus Aella’s freakish ability to recall the author of every book she’s ever read), the Maelstrom was formed.

After being kick started by an introductory post on the site of the marvelous and malevolent 3 Evil Cousins, the Mael enjoyed nearly 10 months of being within a community of incredible book bloggers. But, with characteristic restlessness and a desire for new scenery with the same blogging friends, Aella and Medeia moved on to the site of Charybdis Reviewz at WordPress. And they hope that you enjoy it as much as they do.

-Aella Siofra

– Medeia Senka